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We provide a wide range of professional services to meet your needs. We promise to provide every service with a smile, and to your highest level of satisfaction.

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We provide our members with trade recommendations that have upheld a 90% success rate.


Unlike other similar groups, we don't promote the copy-paste formula, we help to build you as an independent trader.


Each admin specializes in different areas of financial opportunities so feel free to utilize our services around the clock.

About Us

We are an E-Learning platform focused on portfolio advancement primarily through Stock Options Trading. We are a heavily experienced and qualified team with emphasis on TEACHING our members. Stock Market predictions through our Technical Analysis Expertise and in depth News Based Analysts. The goal of our group is to allow our members to LEARN, EARN, And GROW. Greater than a portfolio, we serve as a gateway to another source of income, as well as an extra source of income. However, our services are not restricted to just the stock market. We believe investing is not just monetarily, but also internally: we believe in investing in yourself.

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Forex Trading


Per Month

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Includes exclusive

access to our:

  • Low risk, high reward trades

  • E-Learning Platform with Video Breakdowns For Beginners

  • Beginner Friendly Community

  • Member Giveaways!


Sports Betting 


Per Month

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Includes exclusive

access to our:

  • Guaranteed 83% Win Strategy

  • E-Learning Platform with Video Breakdowns For Beginners

  • Strategic Sports Picks Analyzation

  • Member Giveaways!



Per Month

Originally: $150

Includes exclusive

access to our:

  •   Weekly Options Trading Picks with a 95% Success Strategy!

  • E-Learning Platform & Video Breakdowns for beginners

  • Daily Q/A Voice Chats & live Weekly Webinars

  • Member Giveaways!   


Full Access

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  • Bundles ALL packages including Forex, Stocks & Options, and Sports Betting!

  • Includes FULL Access to all that Cash Capital has to offer

  • Enjoy the complete Cash Capital experience from Stock Market Options Trading to Sports Betting!

Per Month

*By signing up for our services, you agree to our disclaimer and terms and conditions. We have a strict no refund policy once you join and access our resources. You are able to cancel your subscription at any time.

**Please check and be sure that your jurisdiction allows stock market and options trading. Please check and be sure that your jurisdiction has a form of legal sports betting for you to utilize. There will be no refund after purchase for this reason.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated professionals, who are all experts in their field ranging from the stock market to the foreign exchange market and the growing world of technology! You'll even find some of us have experience in the world of E-commerce and social media marketing. Essentially, we've worked hard so you don't have to! With many years of experience in various industries, they have the expertise to provide comprehensive, first-rate guidance and advice!


Kelechi "Kelly" Ogbonna

Founder & CEO

With expertise in the world of Marketing and The Stock Market from a young age, Kelly also has experience in real estate acquisitions and business scaling. Kelly's main goal has always been to help others achieve a higher financial state to be able to cover & take care of their necessary and miscellaneous expenses.

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Sire Abram

Technical Analysis Specialist,
Trading Specialist

With experience working with Toyota Financials and Goldman Sachs, you can trust Sire's financial knowledge! His experience and comprehension of Fundamental Analysis as well as Technical Analysis gives him (and our members) an incredible edge over most casual investors. He is best known for his unbelievable accuracy in finding stocks before they explode based on trends and patterns.

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Nez CC photo.png

Anaeze "Nez" Ogbonnia

Technical Analysis Expert

Anaeze has seen years of success and profitability in the Foreign Exchange Market. Nez is one of our most valuable assets. He's helped thousands to see success across both the Stock Market and Foreign Exchange Market due to his nearly unbeatable charting talent. Need to know the projected reach of a stock? He's one of the best in the business and currently has a 97% accuracy rating.

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Joshua Awotoye

Sports Betting Analyst

Known for his hot streaks (36-0 in one month) and accuracy with bets (85% hit rate) Josh, also known as "Josh5Mill" has created multiple 4,5,& 6 figure sports bettors within our chat! His greatest skill is being able to properly analyze two competitors strength & weaknesses and defy the odds on who will come out on top. Some wonder if he's a time traveler because of how accurately he can predict a game and see a positive return on it!

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Jordan CC photo.png

Jordan Doan

Sports Betting Analyst

Jordan's extensive sports betting success is one that could only be boasted about. As a 6 figure sports bettor, he's created many more within our chat and is a natural with showing others how to do the same. His head is always in the statistics and he's diversified from basketball to soccer to baseball, hockey, basketball, UFC -- you name it and he can do it all!

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Jeremiah CC photo.png

Jeremiah Daniels

Head of Support

Ever need a problem solved? Jeremiah's addition to the team is to control all problems and keep everyone level and sane. He takes charge of all questions and works hand in hand with new members to make sure Cash Capital is able to run smoothly for everyone involved.

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